our history

jobiconFood Handler

Bosso’s Grill is owned and operated by Bruce & Jan Laslie.  bosso’s grill started out as a vending trailer called ‘The Sandwich Shack’ featuring Steak Sandwiches. Bruce developed his own unique seasoning for these sandwiches and they soon became a favorite at local events and festivals.

Bruce in the Kitchen

This is a photo of Chef Bruce and Chef Elijah (our grandson) at the Lawrenceville Fall Festival. After a  summer of vending and much encouragement from the community, Bruce and Jan decided to expand and start their own restaurant.

On November, 17th 2008, the journey began by leasing the Old Busters Tavern. After extensive renovations the tavern was transformed into a very comfortable and relaxing restaurant. The restaurant quickly took on a life of it own and began serving up the finest steaks and home cooked meals in the area. After three months Bruce and Jan decided to make it a permanent endeavor and purchased the building.bosso's_grill_logo3

In 2013 Bruce and Jan made an up date to the menu and the name of the restaurant and it became bosso’s grill. bosso was the nick name of Bruce’s father who was the Lawrenceville Water Superintendent. bosso was a slur of “boss though” and it was the nick name that pasted to Bruce when he became the Superintendent after his father retired.

Bruce and Jan share a passion for good food at a decent price and a nice environment for family and friends to gather.  When asked they explained, “This is what we have tried to incorporate in our restaurant.  We are so very grateful to the community for all the support.”